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So, what are health care exchanges, and why are we so concerned about stopping them?

Exchanges are the bureaucratic mechanism for enacting ObamaCare in the states, an online marketplace where individuals must shop for their government-approved insurance plan. They are also the clearinghouse through which the government will distribute the premium subsidies to help people purchase their regulated insurance. The exchanges are also required to collect the data that allows the government to enforce the “employer mandate”, the penalty employers must pay if they do not insure their employees.

But most importantly, the health care exchanges are voluntary to the states, and without them ObamaCare cannot function. This is because of a flaw in the bill itself, the “Affordable Care Act”, which only authorizes a state-created exchange to distribute the subsidies. Without the subsidies, there is no incentive to participate in ObamaCare at all.

This leaves states with the critical option – do they participate in ObamaCare and subject their residents to the massive cost increases and government control of their health care, or do they opt out and force the government to reopen the health care law?  The answer should be clear – if enough states opt out of the exchanges, we still have the chance to dismantle ObamaCare.  The states should stand their ground, and for the federal government to deal with the mess they have created.

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