FreedomWorks Stands with Governor McCrory’s Decision to Resist a State Health Insurance Exchange in North Carolina

by Jackie Bodnar

Washington, DC - FreedomWorks applauds North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory’s announcement yesterday to resist a state health insurance exchange, leaving that task to the federal government.

Governor McCrory’s decision to reject the state exchanges overturns the actions of the previous Governor, Bev Perdue, who had started the process of setting up a state-federal partnership exchange before her electoral defeat last November.

FreedomWorks VP of Health Care Policy Dean Clancy commented, “Grassroots activists across the state have been at the forefront of the effort to stop North Carolina’s insurance exchange, sending over 6,700 messages to Governor McCrory and top state lawmakers. We are encouraging our activists to use this momentum to keep the pressure on the state legislature to finish the job and pass their bill to block state-run exchanges in the future.”

Health care exchanges are the bureaucratic mechanism for operating ObamaCare in the states, and the distribution point for the billions of dollars in premium subsidies to insurance companies which will supposedly help people afford insurance. Although states can choose to run their own exchanges, the federal government retains ultimate control over all major decisions, while the states have to bear the costs.

Clancy explained, “Currently, the President’s health care law does not allow the insurance subsidies necessary for ObamaCare to be distributed through a federally created exchange. If we can successfully incentivize Congress to reopen the health care law, it will give us a chance to delay and dismantle it and start over with real, patient-centered reforms.”

“About twenty-eight states have taken the first step in making that happen by refusing to set up state exchanges, and our activists across North Carolina plan to keep the pressure on the legislature to pass the bill to block these exchanges.”

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